My name is Eva Ruggaber, I'm an Entrepreneur and a foodie!

‘My aim quite simply is to make cooking meals healthier, quicker and tastier for everyone’

I started cooking at age 7 and mostly stayed in the kitchen to help my mom and learned a lot in doing so! I loved coming home with cookbooks from the library and trying out some of the recipes and my dad was kind enough to taste and commend my cooking.


I cook all types of food, African food (of cause!), Chinese food, English food, German food and all the other types of foods I enjoy from other countries.

I come from Ghana and have lived in England for 9 years. I live in a quiet village called Ancaster with my husband Sascha and our girls Isla and Heidi.  

Having blogged about food for several years, I finally decided to transform it into a business.

Being a mom, a business owner and on occasion an employee I know how difficult it is to aim for high culinary standards whilst trying to be healthy. That’s why I discovered and developed the art of creating a 'great for all foods' spice mix; to save you time, add flavour to your food and achieve a healthy diet. I have been using my classic All Purpose Seasoning for over 5 years and a year ago, I decided it’s about time I shared my secret with the world.

I do hope you enjoy trying out my products and the recipes and videos I share here. Do connect with me on facebook and instagram.

Eva x