Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Over-fed and under-exercised,that's exactly how I felt after Christmas! it’s the same old story every January and it gets even more devasting by February when you’ve not been able to keep any of your weight loss or healthy eating resolutions. In our droves we give up booze, biscuits and anything bad, hoping this new year our good intentions will stick. To give us a fighting chance, I suggest you make a fresh start this month! With more attainable goals for the rest of the year ahead.

Now here’s one simple way to lose some weight and keep it off….


I can hear roars of laughter, because even though it appears easy and it’s the best way to lose weight, its really not that simple for most people. Its an art that requires great discipline and a life time of practice.

BUT on a more serious note, these 3 steps can lead to great strides in your quest to lose weight.

Choose one food ‘DEMON’ in your life and ban it!

And when you have abolished it, move to the next one.

Yes, that’s right. Call it a bad name and the thought of putting it into your mouth would cause your stomach to churn. Over a decade ago, I decided to stop eating chocolate and till date I find the taste appalling. Same goes for any sweets. But I must confess living in Ghana made it easier for me to get rid of the habit because sweets and chocolates were not that readily available and handed out at every turn. Things might have changed now, but at the time you had to go buy it yourself and eat it secretly to avoid sharing.

I discovered that once you’ve lost the taste for something it’s gone! And there’s no turning back. ‘So how can I cut out harmful delights that are readily available’ you ask?

Give them a disgusting name. Take them off your shopping list and when gifted these delights, place them in a DO NOT TOUCH container. Too harsh you say? If you want to lose weight badly enough you’ve got to make some tough decisions and cutting out non-useful foods such as chocolates, sweets, crisps, fatty foods etc is vital.

Some may advise that cutting these foods out suddenly might cause a shock to the system and could cause a relapse which might lead to higher intakes. I do agree, this could certainly happen. Which leads me to the next STEP.

Get an accountability partner.

It might feel like being mothered all over again but It wouldn’t be for too long if you stick with it.

Find someone who genuinely cares about you, and wouldn’t make you feel like a failure if you lose track (That’s really important). We all have good intentions but sometimes we err, sometimes we are not as strong, we are human. Pick yourself back up if you find yourself munching on a good ole bar of chocolate. Laugh at yourself and move on.

Celebrate your successes with your accountability partner, they are not just there to lift the finger when you fail but to clap for you and goad you on when you’re successful.

An accountability partner can also be someone who is on the same journey as you.

Invest in an exercise tracker and use it!

I had to say use it because I’ve gone through the motions of wearing my Fitbit all the time (even to bed) to abandoning it and not even bothering to charge it.

Why do you need an exercise tracker? Because it helps you to set visual goals. And its very fulfilling and motivating to see those goals achieved on a daily basis. So, don’t suddenly set a goal to get 10,000 steps when you’ve been struggling to get 2,000 steps a day. START SMALL! Gain some stamina and increase your mark.

If you’re one of those who sits on your bum all day in the office you would wonder how you could possibly get any steps in aside when you rise up to go to the toilet.

There are ways to move more even if your job is sedentary or deskbound. Mine is.

Go for a walk during your lunch break. Park your car a bit further than needed if you can.

Chase your kids around the house. Move move move at every opportunity.

Join competitions with friends who use an exercise tracker. I use a Fitbit and as part of its function you can race with friends or groups of people you don’t even know. It sometimes gets so competitive that I run around in the living room just to win!

In conclusion EAT LESS and eliminate unhealthy foods, MOVE MORE and get a fitness buddy, and last but not the least track your moves! And don’t forget to drink lots of water!

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