Made with green scotch bonnets, jalapenos and green bell peppers and specially selected spices — our green chilli sauce is packed with flavour and is a delicious condiment for any dish. Great as a marinade for fish, meat and chicken.


This sauce is a popular Ghanaian condiment and is known as kpakoshito (pronounced, pah-pow shee-toh). They are petite fragrant peppers with a unique taste. These were replaced with green scotch bonnets as they cannot be found here in the UK.



Green scotch bonnets, jalapenos, green bell peppers, ginger, basil, sunflower oil, prawn powder ( vegetarian option available), mixed spices, stock cubes, onions and garlic powder.


Sore in refrigerator once opened and consume within 3 weeks.

Use clean dry spoon to serve.


Green Chilli Sauce 190g